Tuesday, 24 May 2011

Safety is a huge issue

With 500 million users, Facebook is a favorite target of scammers and spammers with countless clever and devious methods to ensnare unsuspecting people. Are you safe? Are you protected from hacking, phishing, scams, spam, online stalkers, identity theft, viruses, malicious worms, and other nasty things that are floating around? One wrong click could get you in trouble. In the two years I've been running Skillfoo, not a single week has gone by without at least one of my friends getting into some sort of jam -- that was usually avoidable.
Your passwords, not just on Facebook but from your personal email, bank account, or other source, can be stolen, without any virus getting installed on your system, if you don't know how to protect yourself properly.
If you -- or ANY of your friends -- play games, then your Facebook information is accessible by strangers, strangers who don't always play nice. You don't need to stop playing, but you do want to play safe.
Creating a false identity on Facebook is fast and easy. All that's needed is a free throwaway email account. Becoming Facebook Friends with strangers is a risk that requires preventative measures. You may try to be cautious but your friends might not. Their mistakes could cost you dearly -- unless you understand exactly what the risks are, and how to protect yourself and your friends.

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